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Making Joints in Telescoping Brass Tubing: Slip fit Press-fit Detent-fit.

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Many makers have found uses for the telescoping brass tubing from K & S Engineering. This tubing is available in sizes from 1/16" up to 21/32" ( is one retail source), and one of the useful features of this material is that each adjacent size telescopes neatly into the

Shio – Otherworldly Lights

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I am fascinated by techniques that involve 'growing' structures using unattended processes. It's probably because I grew up in the eco-seventies and we were all to be living in bio-engineered domes with living real grass carpeting by now!  Artist Daniel MacDonald's strongly suggests those same forms and leaves me both nostalgic


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Big Wooden Ball Project from Mike Leuis on Vimeo. I love, Love! LOVE! the use of industrial equipment to make art. A custom built crane/lathe/mill truck for making big wooden balls? Be still mah heart! (via Make)

Purse Organizer

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  This is my favorite purse, and yes I call it a purse and not something like "a man bag" which sounds suspiciously like a euphemism for something else entirely. In any case, when you carry a phone, MP3 player, camera, multi-tool(s), thumb drive, flashlight, Molskine, Mini Moo cards,

KMODDL: the incredible maker resource

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A friend of mine recently turned me on to the incredible resource Kinematic Models for Design Digital Library, or KMODDL, run by the Library at Cornell University. The site has many, many models of different mechanical movements, designs, gears- and enough brassy bits and whatchamajigs to keep your boiler