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G.I.Z.M.O Duck sculpture

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This sculpture by Deviantart user Timbone is insane and wonderful. I love how much detail, effort,  and care went into a character who's tagline was 'blathering blatherskite'. ​    

Give this girl some cake: Steampunk Portal Gun

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DeviantArt user ~Batman_and_Bananas created this beautifuly detailed full scale Portal gun . She didn't just stop there, however- she also made a pair of Portal Boots, Bunson Battery, and some wallets to complete her Chell cosplay. Excellent job! 

Fantastically detailed Iron Man figurine

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  Jonathan Kuriscak of Packratstudios modded/created this amazingly detailed Iron Man figurine. He also made a matching little victorianized, moustachio'd Tony Stark to pilot it.  The mod includes a flickering-fire like effect in the suit's 'furnace'. This is the kind of amazing, dedicated fine craftsmanship I love to see. I can

Gift guide #1: Animal parts

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By BillyBlue22, info below the cut. I'm going to say right off the bat that I am not a fan of the greater american gift giving frenzy. I don't do black friday deals, I don't by things out of some obligation to do so.  However, that being said, I

Makeshift Forklift

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A couple of months ago The Lady asked me to move the kid’s playhouse to a different part of the yard.  Not having access to a fork lift, I fig’red that I could mount a 2" hitch ball on the Yaris’ tow bar and make a "fork truck" with

The Gear Box

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  TxInkman writes: I dabble in the restoration of old wood maschinist’s chests. Gareth over at the Make blog wrote a very nice article about of a couple of my boxes and Toolmonger has featured a few of them. One you might particularly appreciate for it’s moderate Steampunkyness, the

Steampunk Snowboard!

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Flickr is both wonderful for the amazing images it brings you and frustrating for the all too common lack of story to go with those pictures! I want to know the whole tale behind the creation of this snowboard!  Be sure to click through to see it in action

The Gatehouse Gazette

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Somehow I have managed to be so busy that I have completely missed the first 3 issues of the Gatehouse Gazette! Well no more! Let “The Romance of Science” enchant you with the fourth and winter issue of the Gatehouse Gazette. Discover that winter is the perfect season for

Captain Nemo’s Telescope

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Most of the things that I make, with the possible exception of the Wimshurst Machine I recently completed for an article in Make: Magazine, best fit under the category of "prop" rather than "instrument."  That is clearly not the case for this telescope as it is surely as capable

Ira Sherman’s mechanical sculptures: yes sir, may I have another?

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Entombed in an ancient Geocities site, Ira Sherman’s mechanized sculpture (Google-cache) is unsettling in a very seductive way. It’s as if medieval doctors were transported to some futuristic-sounding year (what is that year, now that we live in 2009?), given free reign to unwilling subjects and a metal shop.