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The Shack is Back! – Our own Meredith Scheff for Radio Shack

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I am so happy that Radio Shack has made the decision to return to it's roots and I'm even happier that they've tapped our own Meredith Scheff to help them tell the world about it!

New Makerspace in Someville, MA!

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This looks like a really cool new facility!  Artisan’s Asylum is a non-profit community workshop startup in Somerville, Massachusetts. Our mission is to provide our community with a place to teach, learn, and practice crafts of all types. We actively solicit skilled artisans from the local area to teach

Retro Cellphone Handset How-to

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More retro-cellphone handset goodness! This time from my friend and fellow Maker, Captain Mouse! Her blog is here: And when you visit, do not miss Mandelbrot the Fractal Teddie Bear!

Steampunk’d Wacom Tablet

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 Dan writes: This whole thing started when I dropped my graphire3 wacom tablet.  Everything worked just fine, but the case cracked and would not stay together.  After some soul searching I decided that since I couldn’t use the thing in its current condition I might as well try and

This weekedend: Fire Arts Festival; Neverwas Haul fundraiser

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It’s a busy weekend here in the SF bay. The incredible, annual, flammable Fire Arts Festival is taking place. It’s put on by The Crucible, a "con-profit collaboration of arts, industry, and community". From the site: "Each July The Crucible’s Fire Arts Festival celebrates creativity through fire and light

Discovery’s new show- Weaponizers

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Jake and I are having a bit of a discussion on the Discovery Channel's latest ploy to appeal to our nerdly senses. The show is called Weaponizers-in short, teams outfit vehicles with radio controls, fill them to the brim with gigantic (yes, real) guns, and then blast the living

Ani Niows steam-powered, erm, ‘magic wand’

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This thing is amazing, but seeing as how this is a family-friendly website, I have the full post over at my personal blog,

Steampunky Brewster

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Captain Nemo’s Telescope

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Most of the things that I make, with the possible exception of the Wimshurst Machine I recently completed for an article in Make: Magazine, best fit under the category of "prop" rather than "instrument."  That is clearly not the case for this telescope as it is surely as capable

Gorgeous Jacob’s Ladder Build!

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Have a look at this video of a gorgeous Jacob’s ladder!  I love the sound that it makes, I must have one now! Be sure to click through to see the build and while you’re there do not miss the other projects that include: Steampunk multi-tool holster Nautical thumb