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Meet the Makers video of yours truly

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I was contacted a few weeks ago by Make Magazine's Brookelynn Morris to be part of a series of Meet the Makers videos they were doing. They've already covered some incredible cratspeople- instrument maker Sun Kim and motorcycle builder Satya Kraus have already been featured. I am completely honored to be

Bruce’s Wimshurst Machine

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Bruce writes: Hi Jake, Attached are a couple current images of my 20 sector Wimshurst machine based on your construction article, with changes made as needed to suit locally available materials and to resolve some issues that showed up after the initial construction.  Click through to the full set

Rick’s Wimshurst Machine

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Another Wimshurst Machine is finished! This is the third complete one I’ve seen and one of at least half a dozen in process.  If you’re working on a Wimshurst by all means send along some photos! I am fascinated by the individual modification to the basic design people are coming

JvS on Make:Talk – Podcast now available

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Hi Everyone! I had the distinct pleasure of joining Mark Frauenfelder and Gareth Branwyn of Make: Magazine for the first ever Make:Talk live on Friday at 12 noon PST! We talked about Make: #17 – The Lost Knowledge Issue: MAKE Volume 17 goes really old school with the Lost

Make: Magazine – Build a Wimshurst Influence Machine

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Look what I found in my mailbox today! Sometime during Maker Faire last year Gareth Branwyn mentioned to me that he would be editing a "Lost Knowledge" issue of Make: Magazine and that I should consider writing an article. Of course, I immediately replied: "Dude! count me in!" UPDATE: Plans

Steampunk on Make:TV!

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Maker Profile – Steampunk on MAKE: television from make magazine on Vimeo. My profile is finally up at! I had a wonderful (though slightly grueling) time taping this segment with Emily Goldberg and her crew back in August. We were extremely lucky that a whole bunch of things

SPWS on Make:TV – only three more days!

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Just three more days until Episode 103 featuring the Steampunk Workshop! Make:TV first contacted me nearly two years ago to talk about doing a segment in and around my bus project.  I was enthusiastic, but after a couple of months of emailing back and forth, the producers I had

Steampunk Gift Guide @ Make:Blog

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Greetings everyone! It’s hard to imagine that an entire year has passed since MAKE asked me to write last year’s Steampunk gift guide. What a year it’s been too!  Last year, I still had some doubt that Steampunk was a bona fide subculture, but so much has happened in

Dead Simple Charging Station

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Here's a dead simple cell phone charging station I installed next to our main entrance.  It's just a pair of hangers of the sort you'd use in the garage to store a shovel or a rake.  If your wall isn't made of barn-board like ours, you can screw the

Make: TV Preview II

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make tv preview ii from make magazine on Vimeo. Make:TV is going to be so awesome!