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Victorian Marquetry LCD Monitor

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  Jonathan Writes: . . .I'm a computer engineer and cut marquetry part time so i decided to combine the two and fashion a monitor of my own. It's seemingly a lot more difficult to get good quality brassware here in England than it is in the states so i

More Steampunkery from ModVic!

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Bruce writes: Steampunk Robot Ophthalmometer Computer Workstation Description Just what the Steampunk Doctor ordered! A sculptural 'Steampunked' original Ophthalmometer, Dental Mannequin Head and Hammond Multiplex Typewriter – totally restored, transformed and fused into a modern computer workstation! Materials and Modifications Our restoration includes all original devices:  1) F.A. Hardey

Steampunk Monitor Stand

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Some of the very best letters I get come from people who have built things to give as gifts, a case in point: Dear jake, I really have enjoyed your site, especially the bus conversion.  I really like how you talk about using found objects and have so many

Sims Steampunk!

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Wow! somebody Simmified my Steampunk, monitor, keyboard and the Mae West lamp! Have a look!    

Mad Uncle Cliff Wins at Steampunk

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Cliff writes: Just thought you might like to see progress on the communicator, got the monitor done and it is almost ready to mount.   Then onto the keyboard…   Of course you know that I hold you responsible for this mad fetish of mine, all because a mate

Small form factor keyboard and monitor

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Here’s a nice little keyboard and monitor set from Daniel Pon.  I particularly like the small form factor, I have a Happy Hacker KB kicking around the shop that I might do something like thing too.

Datamancer’s Brass LCD on eBay

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My good friend Rich Nagy built this beautiful brass widescreen monitor and has put it on eBay! This is a one-of-a-kind 22" widescreen LCD built by Richard Nagy aka "Datamancer" of This display was built to compliment the brass keyboards I build and sell on my site (keyboard

Victorian All-in-One PC

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The inexorable march of technology has rendered my 4:3 aspect ratio 19″ LCD mod and my pump-less water cooled PC obsolete, so when I saw at 24″ wide screen monitor on sale for $299.00 I grabbed it with the intent on making a Steampunk All-in-One PC.   The first

Dave Veloz’s Mac Mini Mod, Monitor, & Keyboard

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There is nothing in the world that I like better then receiving pictures of things that people have been inspired to build by my projects.  When I opened my mail and discovered these photos I squeed like teen on LJ!  In interviews I've often described Steampunk as the intersection of technology