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DIY Vibratory Tumbler

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My latest feat of post-apocalyptic engineering. Post-apocalyptic engineering is when you use parts on hand no matter what. There is no going to the hardware store because THERE IS NO HARDWARE STORE!! When I built the Girl Genius Radio Theater Microphone I had some brass plates water-jet cut and I

Making Joints in Telescoping Brass Tubing: Slip fit Press-fit Detent-fit.

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Many makers have found uses for the telescoping brass tubing from K & S Engineering. This tubing is available in sizes from 1/16" up to 21/32" ( is one retail source), and one of the useful features of this material is that each adjacent size telescopes neatly into the

Mjöllnir Lamps for the Roadster

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Some projects take a long time. Sometimes I start something and then put it aside, in this case for more that two years! When Make:TV came out to the workshop to shoot a profile of me in July of 2008, one of the projects that I worked on for

Brass Scarab Brooch

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In the comments about my CNC mill project over at Hack-A-Day, Jarkman posted a link to this really beautiful CNC'd brass scarab brooch and I can't help thinking that this would make a lovely computer mouse too!

Kerosene Acorn Burner Sconce Lamp

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I was having a hard time this morning getting started working in the shop.  I get one day a week to work in the shop and as a result I often end up with a list of things I want to get done that is about three times longer

Dave Geertsen’s Steampunk Motorcycle

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  Quote from L.A. Bike Show Website "What is it? Some bike contest entries defied classification and description…" We know what it is, don't we folks?  It's Steampunk!   This is the home of Dave Geertsen's home made metal sculpture on wheels,the wheels are straight but his custom motorcycles are anything

Steampunk Strat Original Artwork

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This is my original artwork for the Steampunk Strat – Right click and choose "Save Image As" to download a copy.  

Stunning Etched Brass Modular Synth

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  I am just speechless.  More here und here via Burnlab

Etching Brass – Mailbag

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 Craig writes: In  July ’07 I bought a 1960 Lone Star El Dorado boat which needed total restore. I found the yahoogroups Lonestar restorers club which has been so helpful. A year after hauling the boat home, it hit the water. As the boat nears it’s 50th anniversary, I

Instruments for Natural Philosophy

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Long before I got into Steampunk, in fact long before that name had been coined, I had a love for scientific instruments. I would rescue the catalogues of instruments and demonstrations from the dumpster behind our school at the end of each year when the science teachers would discard