Heat Bluing Steel for my 2×72 Inch Belt Grinder Project

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I’m in the process of building a 2″ x 72″ belt grinder powered by the permanent magnet motor from an old treadmill. The business end of the grinder is a pair of rollers and platen that supports the sanding belt. I milled these out of some 3/8″ steel plate

260 Pound DIY Anvil

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 I built a 260 pound anvil from some scrap steel plate. The top plate was hardened in superquench and the horn was CNC milled on my Bridgeport Series II.

Meet Geordi The Forge!

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I built a coal forge from the remnants of an old Burnham oil furnace and a bunch of other junk I found at the town dump.

The #ratwelder – Part 5 in the DIY Welder Series!

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The latest episode in the homemade welder series wherein I complete an enclosure for the #ratwelder so I can store it outside without having to put a tarp over it.

The Steampunk Roadster

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Update: car has been sold! In a few short months The Steampunk Workshop will celebrate it’s 10th birthday! I can barely believe that it’s been ten whole years since this whole “steampunk” thing blew up on the internets. It’s been a lot of fun for me, but I also

For Husqvarna 1027STE owners

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For Husqvarna 1027STE owners: the replacement auger transmission for the ST227 snowblower will fit if you exchange the drive shaft. I will post this information on my website to sell a Google search will find it.

DIY Engine Driven Welder Part 4 – It Is Alive!

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I finished my engine driven welder and started welding up my scrap iron anvil! The welder works well and seems to be able to push rods as large a 3/16″. It’s build with the engine from a 1946 Austin Dorset and a 250 amp high-output Ford alternator.    

Lost PLA Cast Aluminum Alternator Pulley

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In order to get my engine driven welder working I needed an 8″ diameter multi-groove pulley to drive the alternator. Rather than buy one I decided to see if I could investment cast one starting from a 3D printed PLA part. Guess what? It worked!

Rare chance at a Steampunk Strat pick guard!

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Rare chance at a Steampunk Strat pick guard! http://con-or-bust.org/author/186/

The best animated airship in steampunkdom

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I recently received a rather cryptic email containing a link to this video. I don’t know much about it, but this is probably the best animated airship in all of steampunk.