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Virtuoso – Help Kickstart this Open Source Business/Comic/Universe!

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Nearly there with 3 days to go! There are a lot of really neat things out there tagged with term 'Steampunk' but very few of them are as truly wonderful and unique as "Virtuoso," a Creative Commons licensed comic from friends Jon Munger and Krista Brennan.  Jon and Krista are


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I'm pretty excited about this! The author, Jon Munger is a friend and he along with artist Krista Brennan have done an amazing job!!  Virtuoso is an alternate history of an Africa that never existed, one run by steel and springs, commanded by vast matriarchies and past the height of

Brass Dragon!

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Back in August I received a slightly odd email: Phil is drawing a cover for Windycon's Blaylock short story collection, and he sort of used you as the guy building a mechanical dragon in his garage… Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.  If it wasn't,

Meredith Scheff at MISSION: Comics and Arts

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Our own Meredith Scheff be showing her art in a show tomorrow. It’s her first show outside of school and she would love to see you all there. There will be prints, originals, and comics.  here’s the info: Space Gallery: 1141 Polk St., San Francisco, CA 94109 on

Lovelace and Babbage

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  I’ve just discover a new web comic via @nathanfhtagn called "Lovelace and Babbage" and it is pretty brilliant! Even better, in the finest Steampunk DIY tradition, there are "Making off" blog enteries interspersed with the content, these are as entertaining as the comic itself! Stuff like this: I’m

Steampunky Brewster

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Epic Storefront

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  I spotted- not that you could possibly miss it- this storefront in Tokyo. It’s a comic book store called Mandarake, which is supposedly the biggest comic book store in tokyo. The actual store was about 4 flights downstairs, and also had an amazing selection of vintage toys. They

Fables cover art book out today

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  The long awaited (release has been pushed back several times) cover art book for Fables has come out today. It compiles all the amazing and moving covers that James Jean has done for the series, issues 1-75.  The cherry on top that is really making me squeal with

Comic Book Tattoo – Tori Amos

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As anyone who's hung out with me for more than a short while knows, I'm a long time Tori Amos fan. Well Tori's latest project Comic Book Tattoo is an intersection of two of our favorite worlds here at The Steampunk Workshop; music and comic books. From the Amazon

Married to the Sea

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The always interesting and oft times quirky Married to the Sea does Steampunk. I’m telling ya, getting made fun of is one of the important milestones on the path to world domination.