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The Artwork of Morgaine von Slatt

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One of the reasons that I hesitate to use the word "artist" in reference to myself is the fact that I have a talented sister who embodies that cognomen.  Today I have the singular pleasure of introducing you to the works of the very talented Morgaine von Slatt! Morgaine

Meredith is Live Blogging Maker Faire: Austin!

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Lucky lucky Meredith Scheff is at Maker Faire Austin right now and she’s twittering everything she sees! You can follow her here or add satiredun on Twitter. A final, fantastic show by arc attack concludes maker faire: Austin 2008. about an hour ago I Cant tell you how happy

Countdown to Maker Faire:Austin- and a new guest blogger

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It’s only two days until Maker Faire: Austin, and my mad scientist bones are a-tingling with excitement. I’m downright giddy. I know from previous experience that there is no straight forward way to cover the Mass Awesome that is Maker Faire- all I can ever do is run around like

DIY Vacuum Tubes

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If you were popped out of the timestream and found yourself suddenly in the distant past, how much of our modern technology could you re-create? I’ve often thought that I could climb back to the vacuum tube era of the 1920s or so. Author H. P. Friedrichs has realized

Books: The Graveyard Book – Neil Gaiman

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The Graveyard Book is a straight-up children’s novel. I searched around Neil Gaiman’s shelf in the fantasy section of my local bookstore for quite a bit before thinking to check “Young Readers.” However, adults who enjoy Gaiman’s other work (especially Coraline) should not let this dissuade them from picking

On the road to Maker Faire: Airships in Albuquerque

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On the road to Maker Faire: Austin I realized I was happening through Albuquerque just in time to see the largest gathering of hot-aired wind-bags since the Republican National Convention (ba-dum-ching!). But seriously, folks. I tried my best to channel my inner Ford Prefect and smooth talk my way onto

Tiny Tiny Steampunk Keyboard

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While aimlessly wandering around the internet during my lunch hour today I was absolutely delighted to run across this tiny tiny steampunk keyboard made by Lizabeta! Have a look here for more information.  

SPWS at Maker Faire: Austin!

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I’m still wandering around the country, but on October 18th and 19th I will be wandering somewhere in particular- somewhere awesome. That place is, of course, Austin, for Maker Faire!  Maker Faire in San Francisco was full of awesome- stuffed to the mechanical gills with projects, geeks, geeky projects,