Countdown to Maker Faire:Austin- and a new guest blogger

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the Super Genintari

It’s only two days until Maker Faire: Austin, and my mad scientist bones are a-tingling with excitement. I’m downright giddy.

I know from previous experience that there is no straight forward way to cover the Mass Awesome that is Maker Faire- all I can ever do is run around like the proverbial beheaded chicken (or sugar filled human larvae child) to each exhibit squealing and poking and making and hoping to the dear and fuzzy lord that I remember to take photos. It is for this purpose then, that I have recruited a second chicken blogger  to do the same. I’m operating under the fudgy logic of  "two overstimulated nerds are better than one".

So let me introduce to you, dear readers, dear friend Richard DaLuz of Rich has made some amazing mods, most recently the Nintoaster which garnered many a sinister chuckle; and the Super Genintari, and all-in-one Super Nintendo, NES, Atari, and Genesis. It is good.