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Dig my grave with a lacy shovel: The art of Cal Lane

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Cal Lane is quite a lady. Oxy-acetalyne torch in hand, she intracately carves out lace-like patterns out of shovels, wheelbarows, cars, and most impresively- full sized I-beams. Just looking at her work, I wish i was able to experience it first hand- These formidable, unwieldy, solid hunks of steel

SteamPunk Spectacular #6

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The latest SteamPunk Spectacular podcast is out! This transmission brings you an assortment of oddments, including a sartorial and historical lesson from Sir Brandon Fitzroy Hill, Master of Blades and Hats; and, notably, a partial reconstruction of a most educational conversation with Jake Von Slatt himself ( I am

EgoPhobia Steampunk Edition

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The Romanian publication EgoPhobia has just released it’s Steampunk Experiment.  It’s really a wonderful take on the movment and includes a  great interview with artist Sean Orlando (© photo by John Curley) I think that there are a lot of people out there who are simply dissatisfied with throwaway

Exciting Steam Powered News on Saturday!

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Only a few more days until the Steam Powered – The California Steampunk Convention!!  It’s been a big week for me already and it’s only Monday!  Yesterday I got the propane torches and sound system working on our primary prop for All Hallows E’en.  We’re doing "The Wizard of

Austin, Grackles, and the Junk King

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I have been tootling around Austin for a couple days now, guided mainly by locals scribbling favored destination on scraps of paper. I’ve visited (and took a dip in) Austin’s famed Barton Springs park ("dude" an old hippie told me "it’s, like, Austin’s spiritual center"), drank Shiner Bock at

Make: TV Preview II

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make tv preview ii from make magazine on Vimeo. Make:TV is going to be so awesome!  

It really should be gear shaped, though

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Pin from Democratic Stuf   thanks, Aaron!

Maker Faire Roundup: The creme de la awesome

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As you might have noticed, I spent the weekend being continually shocked at Maker Faire: Austin; not to mention 3-d scanned, felted and laser etched. Out of all of this, though, there are a few projects and people who really stood out as being extra-super-special-spice awesome. (note: do to

Books: World War Z – Max Brooks

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  There are two types of people in this world. Those that will survive the zombie apocalypse and those that won't. Those that will are the type that, upon entering a building, assess its entry and exit points, tend to gravitate towards second story residences, and always seem to


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I don’t wear goggles for dress up, I wear them to protect my eyes from fire and metal shrapnel.  I also wear eyeglasses so am subject to 3liza’s Rule. But holy crap! you gotta respect these fancy dress goggles from a fellow who goes by the moniker "Anticz." Check