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Raptured: One Hell of a Nice Wallet

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A couple of week ago I received a note from Connor Ferster of Braithwaite Wallets wondering if I would be interested in doing a product review of a wallet that had a somewhat Steampunk aesthetic.  My wallet was falling apart so i replied "Sure! love too!"  A few days

Yeah, there’s Punk in Steampunk: Johnny Payphone

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I met Johnny Payphone on the Brass Goggles Forum in it’s early days.  He would drop by periodically and lob thought-bombs into our midst that touched off fire-storms of discussion on the core nature of Steampunk and just how much ‘Punk’ there was in it. Here is a wonderful

Jake’s Busy Weekend, Make:TV and HUMANWINE

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Continuing the tale of my long and busy weekend . . . So a crew from PBS’s new show Make:TV spent the weekend with me in the shop filming me at work.  I re-created a couple of projects and made a coach lamp for the car, start to finish. 

Jay Leno: One of Us

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Jay Leno turns out to be hardcore when it comes to anachro-tech. The man know what he’s talking about. So for the next few weeks Wednesday is Leno day here at the Steampunk Workshop. Here’s Jay giving us a detailed tour of his 1925 Doble Series E.

I like the sound of this “Eamespunk”

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Daniel Neville has posted an utterly brilliant Eamespunk Manifesto!  I rather like the sound of this humanist movement! Who needs brass goggles and mirror shades when you can have wall size projector screens in bucky domes? Overturn the individualist agenda and share in media together! Collective humanist action will

Steampunk at the Groton Public Library

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This past Thursday I had the honour of addressing an audience at the Groton Public Library.  I’m afraid I rambled on for a bit at first, but once we got to the question and answer section the questions just kept coming! I also unveiled a new piece, a piece

Blogathon to Benefit Boston Area Rape Survivors

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Something about this little inside-out temporally inverted matchbox really really appeals to me – and it will be mine unless you out-bid me!  Actually you should out-bid me, and by a large amount as the procedes from these auctions go to benefit the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. [Update:

Finds: Brass Lanterns

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Found this pair of brass lanterns on my way to work yesterday – I used the old "shoelace tie" trick to carry them with me on my bike. It absolutely kills me how many of these I have in my collection – close to 20 now, I think.  Invariably

The Dieselpunk Tatra – Jay Leno’s Garage

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When it comes to late night comedy I’m more Letterman than Leno. But when it comes to things mechanical Jay Leno is a total mench and exemplifies true Steampunk spirit. Here he is talking about a Czech Tatra, a streamlined, rear-engined, air-cooled V-8 powered car from 1938 which would

Steampunk Humbug?

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Hearing some really interesting criticism here – but I’m not sure who it’s aimed at, unless possibly it’s the press and I really can’t speak to that. We are being taken for rubes. At worst, the Steampunkers seem to be mediocre hobbyists with great publicists. It seems fine to