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SPWS’s Meredith Scheff at Comic-Con San Diego

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  (image: I express some sort of emotion at Jake’s hat) I will be attending Comic-Con this year from Friday-Sunday, and I’d love to meet some SPWS readers/fans- especially if you are attending in your external-combustion-punk outfits (external combustion? Get it?), costumes, or if you are showing off your

Books: Jeeves and Wooster – P.G. Wodehouse

Author: | Categories: Books No comments Widgets   I will be blunt. Jeeves and Wooster is brilliant. Well, sort of. Jeeves is brilliant. Wooster is a complete idiot. It is off this dichotomy that Life With Jeeves, a three book omnibus by P.G. Wodehouse containing The Inimitable Jeeves, Very Good, Jeeves!, and Right Ho,

Jules Verne Casemod

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Jon dropped me a quick note with a link to pictures of his winning entry in the xLAN case mod competition. It reminds me of my own water-cooled PC project from a couple years back, only with clockwork and way more awesome!  Thanks Jon!

The Time Jumper : A Victorian dress made from a military surplus parachute

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I’ve been exceedingly jealous of my friends on the West Coast for the seeming predominance of Steampunkery out there.  However, I am feeling better and better on that front as I slowly discover the many talented artists in and about my home state of Massachusetts. This marvellous confection is

Portrait of a mad scientist: Alan Rorie of

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(image: Alan Rorie working on the Dihemispheric Chronaether Agitator. Photo by Flickr user and KSW patron Great!steam) I've never been so enamored with any character type as I have with the mad scientist. The shop, filled with inventions, doo-dads; explosions from nowhere send machinery flying while (s)he runs yelling

And for this post I digress: That which writ the Guide

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I know, I know- we’re a specialty blog. Steampunk. Gears. Brass. Tophats. Things of that nature. However.. I think that I am allowed one post that has nothing to do with Steampunk per se. I give you: The typewriter. The typewriter that belonged to Douglas Adams. The typewriter that

OH MY! The Music of Michael Scott Parker

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I get a great deal of email these days, I try to answer it all but I’m afraid the day I will not be able to fast approaches. I am grateful for the pics of cool stuff and links to net Steampunkia, and I really do enjoy answering thoughtful

Trash Finds – Vintage Admiral and Akkord Radios

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On my way to work yesterday morning I spotted these in a box at the roadside waiting for collection.  There were a half dozen similar radios but since I was on the bike I could only carry a couple so I grabbed the best of the bunch. On the

Books: Grendel – John Gardner

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When one thinks of the Anglo-Saxon epic Beowulf, philosophical ruminations and existential crises are not often the first things that comes to mind. However, this did not stop John Gardner, author of the novel Grendel, from completely flipping the classic on its head. This small yet intense novel tells

Truly Awesome Steampunk Mouse

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Whoa.  A reader sent in this Babelfish link to the most awesome Steampunk mouse I’ve ever seen. I suspect that there are many more skilled DIYers in Russia and the former Soviet territories then just about anywhere else on the planet so we should be seeing more and