I like the sound of this “Eamespunk”

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Daniel Neville

Daniel Neville has posted an utterly brilliant Eamespunk Manifesto!  I rather like the sound of this humanist movement!

Who needs brass goggles and mirror shades when you can have wall size projector screens in bucky domes? Overturn the individualist agenda and share in media together! Collective humanist action will unify us while we are amazed at still slides of interesting details! The great medium of the slide will return to its former glory and the rich colours will return us to a time of wonder at the world. We will return the suburban home to the great importance it once had. The focus on the family as a unit will return, and we will design for them and their needs. And they will have a multitude of things to sit in.

They Lady von Slatt and I have often dreamed of building a geodesic dome to live in!