The Heather Gold Show

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On Saturday May 3, Cap’n Robert of Abney Park, Libby Bulloff of SteamPunk Magazine and I will be on  The Heather Gold Show which will be streamed live from the main stage at Maker Faire.  From Heather’s site:

How can you be authentic to yourself and part of a (sub)culture?

Through the lens of Steampunk, a meta-subculture that is currently at its tipping point of growth, we explore the inevitable question a subculture faces as it grows from disparate DIY roots. Who and what belongs? Can it transform permaculture?

Conversating with Heather are computer and car modifier Jake von Slatt, Abney Park’s Captain Robert and SteamPunk Magazine editor, wearable art creator, and artist Libby Bulloff.

I finally tracked down the two parts of the show and embedded them here for you.  There is an audio issue with the first part, it drops out near the begining but then comes back in at the 7:35 mark.  The first vid is nearly an hour and the second is about 22 minutes.