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SteamPunk Spectacular #6

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The latest SteamPunk Spectacular podcast is out! This transmission brings you an assortment of oddments, including a sartorial and historical lesson from Sir Brandon Fitzroy Hill, Master of Blades and Hats; and, notably, a partial reconstruction of a most educational conversation with Jake Von Slatt himself ( I am

Steampunk Spectacular #4

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Steampunk Spectacular #4 is out at last!

Podcast: Steampunk Panel at ReaderCon

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Many of you likely read the Steampunk Panel at ReaderCon story on io9 about a week ago.  We were fortunate to hear about this ahead of time and offered to podcast the discussion here and we’re very pleased and grateful that the panelists accepted our offer! Thanks especially to

The Heather Gold Show

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On Saturday May 3, Cap’n Robert of Abney Park, Libby Bulloff of SteamPunk Magazine and I will be on  The Heather Gold Show which will be streamed live from the main stage at Maker Faire.  From Heather’s site: How can you be authentic to yourself and part of a