Pentayurt for Burning Man

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I’m heading to Burning Man again this year. If you’ll recall, last year I built a Hexayurt for the Playa. It worked very well and I was much happier in the Hexayurt than I have ever been in a tent. But I had painted the Hexayurt to cover up the logos on the polyisocyanurate panels. This turned out to be a big mistake! The paint adhered well to most of the yurt, but in some corners of the folding joints it flaked off. We had to moop with tweezers! So this year I’m building a Pentayurt with unpainted panels.

Pentayurt test setup, everything fits!

This year I’m camping with Alternative Energy Zone at 3:45 and Ersatz so I will have to transport the yurt and my stuff about a mile from where it will be delivered to the playa. I built a strap-on bicycle trailer to enable that.

Pentayurt bike trailer, Mark II. Still working out details but initial trials are promising.

I re-used the door from last years hexayurt, covering it with blue mylar tape to make it match.

Image 1

Witness my pentayurt! Shiny and chrome!

Pentayurt and Monkeyhut Investigations. A Quinn Martin Production.

Unique things about this build are the use of aluminized mylar shielding tape to protect the hexayurt tape from UV radiation, and the fact that it is a Pentayurt rather than a Hexayurt.

The Pentayurt and Monkeyhut on the playa looking a bit rumpled after  sustain high winds. Both survived admirably!

A bit rumpled after the wind and dust that didn't let up until Friday, but my infrastructure survived intact.

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