Dave Veloz’s Mac Mini Mod, Monitor, & Keyboard

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There is nothing in the world that I like better then receiving pictures of things that people have been inspired to build by my projects.  When I opened my mail and discovered these photos I squeed like teen on LJ!  In interviews I've often described Steampunk as the intersection of technology and romance – well here is the story to prove it!

Dave Veloz created this beauty for his soon to be wife in time for their recent wedding!

He's done an absolutely beautiful job, outdoing me in several respects, the first being the use of actual granite for the monitor's base!

The keyboard is nearly identical to mine, the major difference being the use of leather rather then black felt and his treatment of the Mac mini its connected to is brilliant in its simplicity and execution.

The choice of colors makes Dave's monitor even more Victorian then mine, which I've always though of as closer to the L'Empire style.

The details are fabulous!

The system was setup for their wedding reception where it displayed a slide show of engagement photos.

In a very appropriate setting I might add!  What a lovely old Victorian lady. I love that balcony! I wonder if Jenn threw the bouquet from up there?

Finally, here is the happy couple, Dave and Jenn:

Congratulations! from everyone at the Steampunk Workshop and may you have a lifetime of happiness together!

Happy Couple

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