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Multiple Maker Spaces

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It seems maker spaces are springing up everywhere. And that's really, really exciting. We're a part of a movement, a gathering force of change and hope. We gather at Faires, at Cons, at challenges. We make friends and learn from each other. We feel epic, because we do epic

The North Skirt

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It's finally finished, and that means, I finally get to show it to you. The NorthSkirt is a soft circuit project that incorporates my redesigned flexible soft-circuit boards (now, StarBoards), a hacked NorthPaw kit, and a strong desire to have a soft-circuit project actually DO something. What does it

Make or Break for NIMBY – They did it! Yay!

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From NIMBY: NIMBY has now reached the critical juncture we have seen looming for sometime.  To further our progress with the city – where things are still going well – we have had to make many tough financial decisions. We have shelled out endless amounts of money for permit