Interview with a Steampunk

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I had the great privilege of meeting Whisper Merlot and many of the Penny Dreadfuls when we shot the Make:TV Steampunk piece a year ago this past July.  These folks truly are living the life.  Tor has a great interview with Whisper up on their site now.

In addition to talking about living full-time aboard the S.S. Icarus (an actual vessel mind you, but alas, not an airship) and travelling New England spreading the Steampunk gospel, Whisper discusses The 2010 Steampunk World’s Fair:

The Steampunk World’s Fair is going to be held at the Radisson of Piscataway, NJ on May 14th-16th, 2010. It will be three glorious days, a never-ending steampunk party!

Professor Elemental, whom people will know from his pith-hop video “Cup of Brown Joy”, is making his debut United States appearance for the event. He is coming over from the UK and is a wonderful and hilarious guy. We also have Black Tape for a Blue Girl, a dark cabaret group; Madame Ximon, a dancer and head of steampunk gaming event TempleConThomas S. Brown, the artist for New England steam-goth webcomic “Hopeless, Maine”; Opera singer Katie KatVeronique Chevalier, coming in from California to sing and amuse us. And of course lit-master G.D. FalksenIsabella Drive, the steampunk rock band, is working us into their busy schedule, too.

I think I may just have to go! I wonder if they’d let me park the bus in the parking lot?

Click through for Cup of Brown Joy – not to be missed!