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New Keyboards from Datamancer!

Datamancer has two new keyboards for you to see an his site: The Reliquary and the gleaming new Marquis picture here.

My understanding is that The Reliquary was made for a client but if you like the Marquis you can bid on it right now on eBay

Click through for a couple of more pics and a video of the gleaming sparkling wonder that is The Marquis!

Datamancer Sojourner on eBay

A rare opportunity to purchase a complete Datamancer Sojourner keyboard on eBay!



Datamancer and Der Clacker!


Get a glimpse of Datamancer's latest "OMG, I squeed my pants!" casemod: The Clacker on German TV on Doc's own blog.

Datamancer Steampunk Keyboard Kits For Sale!

Rich "Datamancer" Nagy writes:

Hello everyone, I thought I'd let you all know that I have added a page to the site for the keyboard frames that contains pics and more info.


I have also decided to offer the frames in raw, unfinished metal for those of you might want to save some money on them and try your hand at polish or sanding them yourself.

As far as the pre-polished/sanded keyboards go, I have 4 aluminum frames and 2 polished brass frames available for immediate purchase.

Thanks and have a great day,

-Richard "Doc" Nagy


Best hurry, I doubt these will last long!

The Telectroscope

Everyone has been sending me Telectroscope links! It's been well covered in the blogosphere so I wasn't going to mention it here but Datamancer just sent me a link to a Wall Street Journal video by Andy Jordan, the fellow who profiled Doc a while back. Enjoy!

Datamancer's Brass LCD on eBay

Datamancer's LCD on eBayMy good friend Rich Nagy built this beautiful brass widescreen monitor and has put it on eBay!

This is a one-of-a-kind 22" widescreen LCD built by Richard Nagy aka "Datamancer" of www.datamancer.net. This display was built to compliment the brass keyboards I build and sell on my site (keyboard not included in this auction...just the LCD).

The frame is solid 1/4-inch brass that has been sanded and polished to a high shine. The base features a mixture of brass and black marble with a small brass "cord catch" to keep the power and data cords tidy. The LCD buttons have been moved to the rear of the monitor and remade from brass.

This particular LCD is going to be seen in an upcoming, modernized, arthaus/indy/slasher remake of the old Nosferatu silent film along with a custom keyboard that has runes on the keys. The film is being made by Red Scream Films LLC. and looks like it's going to be really cool.


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