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Spanish Steampunk!

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From the workshop of Gonzalo Álvarez comes these wonderful clocks and furniture! Gonzalo lives and works on the island of Tenerife.  He is a maker of fanciful clocks and furniture as well as, it seems, special effects – but my Spanish is non-existent so I cannot be sure. I

Fairy Magic Lantern

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I have been terribly remiss in not publishing this earlier! It came to me when I was very busy and I lost the original message somewhere in the bowels of gmail.  Fortunately, I came across it today and vowed to post immediately! My apologies to the artist for this

Sims Steampunk!

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Wow! somebody Simmified my Steampunk, monitor, keyboard and the Mae West lamp! Have a look!    

The Gatehouse Gazette

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Somehow I have managed to be so busy that I have completely missed the first 3 issues of the Gatehouse Gazette! Well no more! Let “The Romance of Science” enchant you with the fourth and winter issue of the Gatehouse Gazette. Discover that winter is the perfect season for

Gorgeous Jacob’s Ladder Build!

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Have a look at this video of a gorgeous Jacob’s ladder!  I love the sound that it makes, I must have one now! Be sure to click through to see the build and while you’re there do not miss the other projects that include: Steampunk multi-tool holster Nautical thumb

Steampunk on Make:TV!

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Maker Profile – Steampunk on MAKE: television from make magazine on Vimeo. My profile is finally up at! I had a wonderful (though slightly grueling) time taping this segment with Emily Goldberg and her crew back in August. We were extremely lucky that a whole bunch of things

YASPKB! Yet Another Steampunk Keyboard

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Here’s another Steampunk keyboard, and one of the closest copies of the original I’ve seen to date!  I was alerted to it by the creator of this wonderful example – Peter Sztojanov jr. from the beautiful city of Budapest – who commented on my MySpace page. There are quite a

Lyra’s Lamp

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We have a new puppy in the house, and while this is a wonderful thing in general, it means I sometimes have to get up in the middle of the night to let him out.  The problem is I don't have a bedside lamp so I end up stumbling

Steampunk Gift Guide @ Make:Blog

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Greetings everyone! It’s hard to imagine that an entire year has passed since MAKE asked me to write last year’s Steampunk gift guide. What a year it’s been too!  Last year, I still had some doubt that Steampunk was a bona fide subculture, but so much has happened in

Mad Uncle Cliff Wins at Steampunk

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Cliff writes: Just thought you might like to see progress on the communicator, got the monitor done and it is almost ready to mount.   Then onto the keyboard…   Of course you know that I hold you responsible for this mad fetish of mine, all because a mate