Steampunk Gift Guide @ Make:Blog

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Greetings everyone! It’s hard to imagine that an entire year has passed since MAKE asked me to write last year’s Steampunk gift guide. What a year it’s been too!  Last year, I still had some doubt that Steampunk was a bona fide subculture, but so much has happened in the course of the year that there can be no question now that it is.  2009 is already promising to be an even bigger year for Steampunk!

Here at the Steampunk Workshop some very cool things have been happening!   Last month Jeff VanderMeer and I announced our collaboration on a project-oriented book about the Steampunk subculture and in January you will see something I’m really excited about; the Victorian Technology issue of Make: Magazine and the debut of Make:TV – both of which I’ve had the honor and great pleasure of making some small contribution.

So without further adieu here is the gift guide!  This year I’ve tried for a somewhat more accessible array of items that are best thought of a ‘gifts for the Steampunk’ rather than ‘Steampunk gifts’ as I think that will be of greater utility those those of you choosing presents for the Steampunks in your lives!.    – Jake.