Fairy Magic Lantern

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I have been terribly remiss in not publishing this earlier! It came to me when I was very busy and I lost the original message somewhere in the bowels of gmail.  Fortunately, I came across it today and vowed to post immediately! My apologies to the artist for this delay!

These pictures came to me from the artist who signed there name simply "Jellyfish"

Jellyfish writes:

This photo is my work.
The work that I have named "Fairy Magic Lantern".
In a glass dome has a paper cutting work.
The paper cutting work was created by an artist
Romance Yokoyama.
Glass dome is covered with beads work.
Bead work was created by an artist
Two of the works look fantastic.

Indeed they do! I love the ethereal quality of the shadows and the pale light.  Fairy Magic Lantern went on display at the Ayumi gallery back towards the end of November.