Modern Alchemy – The building of Ignatius The Firepig.

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You may recall Patrick Johnson’s marvelous short film Granite Copper Motor from earlier this year. Recently Patrick spent some time with my friends David, Dennis, and Brady, while they designed and constructed a steam boiler dubbed ‘Ignatius the Firepig.’  I do so love Patrick’s calm and peaceful treatment which is the antithesis of todays frenetic, falsely dramatic, cable television style.


Modern Alchemy from Patrick Johnson on Vimeo.

A short documentary featuring artists David Dowling, Dennis Svoronos and Brady Scott as they design and construct their steam boiler, Ignatius.

Directed by:
Patrick Johnson –

David Dowling 
Dennis Svoronos
Brady Scott

Music by:
John Murphree –

Camera by:
Patrick Johnson
Ben Hartman –