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‘International Orange’, first new Firewater album in 5 years, out now

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I honestly lament not finding and listening to Firewater sooner- I think my musical life suffered for their absence.  I'm a recent convert- maybe 2 years- but others have been waiting far longer to hear more of the klezmer-gypsy-rock that Todd A. and the slew of amazing musicians create.

My kind of Steampunk

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From The Men That Will Not Be Blaimed for Nothing. This is how I like my Steampunk. \m/

Super Adventure Club, I can’t stop rocking out to you.

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Are you feeling down in the dumps? Not feeling so awesome in your yoga pants these days? Do you have a serious lack of rocking the [bleep] out? Not enough zombies or unicorns romping through your music library? Well, there's good news, bucko. Super Adventure Club. I'd liken it

Splendid!! Professor Elemental

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I was sorely dissapointed that I was not able to spend  time with the lovely Professor Elemental at the Steampunk World's Fair this year. I only got the briefest of "Hellos!" in as we passed in the hallway heading to our events. It's nice to see that the Professor

The Oomphalapompatronium!

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My friend and fellow citizen of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Len Solomon demostrates his Oomphalapompatronium! 

The Bodice Rippers: EP volume II

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  Previously blogged band the Bodice Rippers have a new EP out, and it is wonderful. Vocalist Megan Fenske  throws herself full-on into her vocals- singing their sinister, strange, poetic lyrics with rich and gritty passion.  I last compared them with Decemberists/Tom Waits, and while that still holds true, they've matured and added jazzy/swing sound

Blackbird Orchestra at SteamCon II

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Update: It's even better because I just found out that Unwoman (Erica Mulkey) is playing 3 songs with Blackbird Orchestra at SteamCon! OMG! Squee! her Casualties and The Keys albums have been in my rotation since she issued them. Oh Cool! I've just discovered that Blackbird Orchestra is playing SteamCom II

Apparently, It Is On!

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Our favorite Professor is calling out Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer in true Chap Hop fashion! It. Is. On! I was most fortunate to met the Professor in person at the Steampunk World's Fair last year and it seems that we will both be in attendance again this May. Huzzah! 

The Cog is Dead

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The Cog is Dead is a time traveling band with a bit of a musical identity crisis. Formed in Grimsby, England in 1893, the Cog is Dead have traveled to various points of time in an effort to save clockwork mechanics and steam power! Along the way they have

Introducing The Bodice Rippers

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I've been waiting anxiously, a-biting on my finger-nails for the Boddice Rippers first EP to come out. It has, and now I can finally share with you my new favorite local bay area band. I would describe them as Tom Waits meets Decemberists meeets bluesy-night-night-club if they had a