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Yr Doin’ It Right #1 – Sunday Driver

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One of my most common rants about steampunk style involves long-winded kvetching about the forgotten Eastern influences on the genre. I'll spare you the snarky details, but it comes to this: I want to know why I practically never see steampunks tapping into the deliciously decadent culture of India.

HUMANWINE – Hunt for the Golden Ticket

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My good friends HUMANWINE are playing tomorrow, June 27th, 2009 at The Paradise in Boston.  Alas, I will not be able to attend but if you’d like to go for free all you need do is find a hidden Golden Ticket! There’s just over twenty-four hours left to find

Today! Wayfarers of the Gypsy Mansion in Seattle

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Those masterful mavens of music promotion, Bulloff and Brugh Present: WAYFARERS OF THE GYPSY MANSION – a musical bazaar of sorts with HUMANWINE, THE BLACKBIRD ORCHESTRA, NATHANIEL JOHNSTONE, TOY BOX TRIO, MEISCE, FINN VON CLARET, and DJ Q. Sunday, May 10, 2009 3 pm to 10 pm The Little

Hey San Francisco (and L.A.)! Abney Park All Ages Shows in March!

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"Dammit, I’m on the wrong coast" is becoming an almost constant refrain for this Boston based Steampunk! However, all of my friends in San Francisco and Los Angeles will be on the right coast this March when that crew of drunken pilots and great friends of The Steampunk Workshop

Hey San Francisco!

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Boston Favorites HUMANWINE are in town and you can hear them play! Saturday February 7th 8:30pm – The Mad Maggies CD Release Party: Pirates Delight The Accordion Apocalypse 2626 Jennings St. San Francisco, CA 94124 Cost: $10 fer pirate, $15 for regular human ALL AGES Pirate’s Delight with: The

The Clockwork Quartet

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I have legions of minions (both cybernetic and meatiform) so if you say ‘steampunk’ anywhere on the interwebs I’m liable to pop up in UR LJ or UR Flickr within hours.  Such was the case this morning when I discovered this marvellous machine built by banjo player Will Segerman

Steampunk Runway Show – Chicago

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Produced by Chicago Tribal Bellydance Troupe Read my Hips, this show looks like it was a lot of fun!  I’m really excited that the fashions are not purely neo-Victorian, there is some definite punk in there as well as some middle Eastern influence. Have a look at pictures from

MTV Discovers Steampunk

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MTV has a piece on Steampunk that’s a little different then we’ve seen before.  There’s naturally a greater focus on music and fashion but the intarwebs get a mention too. My only real criticism is that they didn’t pick up on some of the more serious aspects having to

Buckle up your boots and adjust your brass goggles . . .

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On Saturday morning the inestimable Molly Friedrich dropped me a note with a link to an MP3.  I was entirely unprepared for the awesomeness that lay behind that link, Professor Auerbach’s Attack of the Steampunks Rap: Meeting the opposition like a hammer on an anvil Conquering the culture like

The Music of Mr. and Mrs. Hazelwood

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I’m not sure how to categorize these two – also, I’m not a music critic so I just don’t have the language.  Think Squirrel Nut Zippers with some Goth influence.  It’s neat stuff, old timey but with a nice edge. Have a listen here It is my understanding that