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Steampunk Stratocaster #2

steampunk strat #2 I just finished up Steampunk Stratocaster #2 and will be sending it out to be in a gallery show in Indianapolis Indiana in February!

Circle City Aerodrome Steampunk Art Show: 'Punked:Yesterday's Tomorrows  

On Friday the 1st, the night before the Masquerade we will be hosting a reception in honor of the artists selected for our jurried art show.

Show runs February 1 - 24, 2013
New Day Meadery in Fountain Square, Indianapolis, IN
*Opening Reception Party: February 1st, 6-9pm
CCA is pleased to announce our selected & Invited Artists: Beth Zyglowicz, Carrie Meyer, Ellie Akers, Jake Von Slatt, John Claeys, Josh Johnson, Kim Andert, Lydia Burris, Mab Graves, Paula Scott-Frantz, Tempest, Terry Clarkson & Sons.

Please note: though I have a piece in this show, I will not be attending myself

Click through for a bigger image.


Seriously Gorgeous Steampunk Guitar

Phil writes:

Hi Jake

Just finished a sort of "future steampunk" guitar build here:


Lotsa pics on the last pages, thought you might like :-)


Oh yes! I like it A LOT! Two more shots after the cut but you should really follow Phil's link for the EPIC construction detail!  - Jake.


The Steampunk Strat and the Creative Commons.

I don't make anything for sale. I write webpages about the things I make and consider this to be the real product of my work.

But I also hate telling people that they can't have something that they really, really want. So here's what I did and here's how it's working out (pretty well, I think!)


Steampunk Strat Original Artwork

This is my original artwork for the Steampunk Strat - Right click and choose "Save Image As" to download a copy.


Steampunk Vacuum Tube Guitar Amp

I'm finally getting around to adding some shots of the Steampunk Amp's debut at Maker Faire!

We all really had a great time and the turn-out was amazing! In addition to playing through-out event in a amongst the Carnivale Mechanique, Nathaniel Johnstone, Melissa and John Paul Mayden played a couple of sets on the main stage while the dancers of  Deshret Dance Company performed.

It was a sublime experience and the amp performed beyond my expectations!

Click through for more pictures and video of the event at the end of the build log . . .

A Bit of a Pygmalion Moment

Nathan and the Steampunk Strat.Yes, that is the Steampunk Strat in the hands of Nathaniel Johnstone of Abney Park on stage at SteampoweredCon 2008.


I made her but I could not give her what she needed as I have not the musical talent.  I'm glad she found a good home and I expect we'll all be hearing great things from her in the future.

In fact, I understand she's already laid down some mad trackz on AP's newest album project.

See ya 'round Lady Strat!

[Thanks to Kathryn Hedges for the photo!]

OH MY! The Music of Michael Scott Parker

I get a great deal of email these days, I try to answer it all but I'm afraid the day I will not be able to fast approaches. I am grateful for the pics of cool stuff and links to net Steampunkia, and I really do enjoy answering thoughtful questions about making stuff.

It was just such a question that put me on to the music of Michael Scott Parker .  The question I received was signed "Michael the girl" which caught my eye and caused me to click through to her website listed in the .sig . . .

Mark Melchior's Cigar Box Guitars

Mark Melchior

 [Mark Melchior wrote me some time ago with some pictures of his wonderful cigar box guitars - apologies to Mark for the delay in publication! - Jake]

Mark writes:

Mark “Doc-o-rock” Melchior has been building guitars for some 20 odd years and decided on a return trip to Wisconsin to continue a history of Cigar Box Guitar building. After spending years building and repairing instruments in Hollywood California, he made the move to Hot Springs Arkansas where he still builds instruments of all kinds.

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