Spine Earrings from Improbablecog

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While I was out in Seattle I got to know a fellow named Noah Beasley. I’ve known Noah online for a while and ran into him oh so briefly at Maker Faire, but the moment I stepped into his place I knew that we would hit it off because there was an 80% finished RepRap machine sitting on his work table!

Noah is an industrial designer who has begun to turn his skills to the production of jewelery and art.  One of the really neat things that Noah is pursuing is the use of 3D metal printing for the creation of fine jewelery and he’s beginning to offer some of these pieces for sale now on Etsy:

Though these earrings may resemble an xenomorphic sea creature, we can neither confirm nor deny that they were modeled after any organism living, dead, or bearing any blood relation to our board of directors.

This item is made of 3D printed, bronze infused stainless steel, and so has been lovingly crafted by robots. 

[More are now available and I’ve updated the link above. – Jake]