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Circle City Aerodrome's Steampunk Art Show - Call for Submissions

Hello fellow artists and makers,

I want to share an open call for entry to the Circle City Aerodrome's first ever Steampunk Art show.  This is a juried show and will have its opening reception as part of the city-wide First Friday gallery night on Feb 1, 2013.  We really want to put our best boot forward and in order to do that we need help from all you mad scientists, inventors extraordinaire, artists and makers from all walks to submit your entries for our inaugural exhibit:  ‘Punked: Yesterday’s Tomorrows.

This is where the Circle City (Indianapolis, IN) will get its first ever taste of what we create for the past’s visions of the future and will feature fine craft and art interpretations of the Steampunk movement.  Most folk in Indianapolis have no idea or at best, a very vague idea of what steampunk is.... (You just glue some gears on it, right?)   SO, please help us introduce the amazing creativity of Steampunk Art and Craft to them ( .. and knock 'em outta their boots!)

Circle City Aerodrome is still getting over the fact that both Tempest and Jake von Slatt have agreed to help us jury this inaugural Art Show that will open  just in time for our Grand Masquerade Ball weekend.  Please please feel free to read more about them and how to apply on our website: http://circlecityaerodrome.org/index.php/masquerade/artreception

Application Postmark / email receipt deadline: Nov 26, 2012
Show Location: New Day Meadery in Fountain Square Indianapolis, IN

"Une Saison En Enfer" - Ghost Illusion Automaton by Thomas Kuntz

Thomas Kuntz, who we've featured here before, wrote me a couple of days ago with his latest project and it is breath-taking! I particularly love the way that Thomas includes the whole story of the creation of his pieces in the videos he produces including the reference artwork and in-process sketches. I am also in serious envy of his miniature lathes and machine tools!

Abney Park's HMS Ophelia Remix by ~Delen

I was looking through a collection of steampunk city skylines and came across this great remix of Seattle Area Band, Abney Parks, dirigible the HMS Ophelia. Enjoy:  The name of the piece is HMS Ophelia by ~Delen on deviantART

One more image after the jump & a link to see 16 more steampunk skylines.

Steampunk Watch by Haruo Suekichi

Crunch Gear has a good interview up with the creator of this wonderful watch, Haruo Suekichi:

Your watches have an antique, yet very futuristic form and design. Where do they come from? What inspires you? - When I make watches, it doesn’t usually start with design but with “fun”: fun gimmicks, fun looking, unique way of wearing them. They need to be fun, because they are more gadgets than watches to me. So the inspiration comes from everything that I find fun or interesting. My latest watch is based on my latest experience of watching the birth of cicada nymphs.

Read the full interview with Haruo Suekichi over at Crunch Gear.

Ada Lovelace Day - Limor Fried: Open Source Entrepreneur

Limor Fried
  Photo courtesy of Fumi

This is from last year's Ada Lovelace Day but I thought I'd pop it back to the front page especially since Limor is doing such an incredible job over at http://www.adafruit.com/blog/ making one post per hour!

When I was growing up there were all sorts of electronics kits available for those of us who were interested in learning more about the subject.  My favorite birthday gift was the Radio Shack 150in1 Electronic Projects Kit I got when I was eight. 

As I got older I would drool over each copy of the latest Heathkit Catalog - I really, really wanted to build that 25" Color Television!

Unfortunately, many of the companies that made these wonderful products have long fallen victim to the pressures of globalization, the declining interest of hobbyists, and the fact that many of the classic projects have lost relevance to today's enthusiasts.

Enter the Open Source entrepreneur Limor Fried. Limor's company, Adafruit Industries offers a line electronics kits that are fun to build but even more importantly, relevant to today's technology - you'll not find any SCR 3-channel Color Organs here! She has made Adafruit a success by offering learning experiences and fun, not just a box of parts and a mimeographed sheet of instructions.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Limor about her company, click through for that and some pictures of one of Adafruit's kits that I've just completed.

Oxford Steampunk Exhibition Documentary

A very nice documentary about the Steampunk exhibition at the Oxford Museum of the History of Science.

This exhibition was curated by Art Donovan who you will recall did a similar gallery show in the Hamptons last year.

[Via Make:Blog]

Oxford Steampunk Exhibition Documentary

Steampunk Art @ Oxford

The Steampunk exhibition at the Oxford Museum of the History of Science opened yesterday!

Art Donovan writes:

I promise you that the art in this show is nothing like you have ever seen! Not to be "booster-ish" or anything, but I've had to wire my jaw closed after seeing the artist's works in the completed installation.

Dr. Bennett and his Museum Staff have presented an exhibition that is truly unique, culturally significant and absolutely unrivaled. (The private opening party tonight was astounding). Location: Broad Street, Oxford.

WIRED also has a nice slideshow with images of the artwork on display!

The Art of Thomas Kuntz


From the artist's site:

Thomas Kuntz is a contemporary artist fighting to bring ancient arcana and modern technologies together as weapons for aesthetic enlightenment. He was born in Phoenix Arizona as the youngest of four siblings.

His father, a surgeon, and his mother, a folk artist and doll maker, both provided the necessary genepool and a stimulating environment for him to grow into early on.

Thomas has been working constantly as a professional artist since 1986, but his private projects tend to feature the mysterious,uncanny,sometimes darkly horrific and bittersweet sad aspects of human nature.He has devoted a lifetime to aquire the skills of designer, sculptor, mechanician, automatist, animator, modelmaker, painter and conceptualist.

Thomas' work is pretty amazing! Be sure to watch through the demonstration of the automaton above, the second half of the video details some of it's construction. There are more movies of Thomas' creations here, and you can visit his website here.

Meet Tom Sepe: Steampunk Artist, Fabricator, Performer

I had the great pleasure to meet Tom Sepe at Maker Faire last year, in addition to being a fine artist he's a fun and entertaining fellow to be around.  Tom recently produced the above video to aid him in what I'll call a journey of "Discovery" and I think it does a great job of highlighting his talent. It will also give you a closer look at some of his work which we've published here in the past.
And to pass on an overheard comment: "definitely a candidate for the SteamHunks Calendar" LOL!


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