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Steampunk Frankenstein Art

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Kevin Mowrer has started a blog to share some of his woderful art.  As you can see the art rocks but what I really like about it is the philosophy behind it: Since I'm in the business of property development, the prevailing dogma says "Don't share anything publicly that

Lighting From Oxford University’s Museum

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As you probably already know Art Donovan has an amazing Steampunk Art Exhibition at Oxford University's Museum of the History of Science. Today I am bringing you two of my favorite pieces from the show.  The show includes several amazing handcrafted lighting pieces with heavy use of metal and

Abney Park’s HMS Ophelia Remix by ~Delen

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  I was looking through a collection of steampunk city skylines and came across this great remix of Seattle Area Band, Abney Parks, dirigible the HMS Ophelia. Enjoy:  The name of the piece is HMS Ophelia by ~Delen on deviantART One more image after the jump & a link

Victorian Marquetry LCD Monitor

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  Jonathan Writes: . . .I'm a computer engineer and cut marquetry part time so i decided to combine the two and fashion a monitor of my own. It's seemingly a lot more difficult to get good quality brassware here in England than it is in the states so i

Steampunk Automata

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OMG! I am kind of speechless here, this is really, really cool. Be sure to click through to the creator's blog, there are a lot of other really amazing things to see there! – Jake

James Ng Eastern Steampunk Art

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A friend just introduced me to the Artwork of James Ng and I have to share the spellbinding intersection of Asian Art and Steampunk: I have a warm spot in my heart for Dragon Airships: Another I like is Gates of Hell: Reminiscent of Rodin: Photo by: By albany_tim

Open Source Jewelry – Improbablecog

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Noah has posted an update at Kickstarter with upgraded rewards for contributors! Good friend and fellow tribesman Noah Beasley is joining the Open Source commerce fray, offering up some of his most popular designs. [My] Items are created in a computer with modeling software, and then converted from bits


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I'm pretty excited about this! The author, Jon Munger is a friend and he along with artist Krista Brennan have done an amazing job!!  Virtuoso is an alternate history of an Africa that never existed, one run by steel and springs, commanded by vast matriarchies and past the height of

Kevin Rolly’s photography

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(image: Kevin Rolly, AKA Kevissimo, seen here as SteamMonk) Friend and co-BurningMan-conspirator Kevin Rolly is a fantastic photographer- He often paints and collages photos, creating an otherworldy beauty. Link is to his Flickr site, which has some NSFW images.

Corsets and Cogs – A Steampunk Wedding Cake!

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Amanda writes: I was contacted last year by Wedding TV. they asked if I would be interested in taking part in a programme to be aired on Sky TV. Of course I said yes and then thought I had better get a few details and find out what I would