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Blanket Magazine

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Blanket Magazine has a short piece of Steampunk on the web this month, but that is mainly just the excuse I used to post.  Blanket magazine is: . . . is a free PDF online magazine that is aimed at uncovering art + design + photography from the talented

Workshop Telephone

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I started this project quite some time ago, in fact some of you may have seen it at Maker Faire back in May.  Originally, this was intended to be an example of ‘how to steampunkify an object.’  The idea being that by removing the casing and exposing the interesting

YASPKB! Yet Another Steampunk Keyboard

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Here’s another Steampunk keyboard, and one of the closest copies of the original I’ve seen to date!  I was alerted to it by the creator of this wonderful example – Peter Sztojanov jr. from the beautiful city of Budapest – who commented on my MySpace page. There are quite a

Lyra’s Lamp

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We have a new puppy in the house, and while this is a wonderful thing in general, it means I sometimes have to get up in the middle of the night to let him out.  The problem is I don't have a bedside lamp so I end up stumbling

Steampunk Gift Guide @ Make:Blog

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Greetings everyone! It’s hard to imagine that an entire year has passed since MAKE asked me to write last year’s Steampunk gift guide. What a year it’s been too!  Last year, I still had some doubt that Steampunk was a bona fide subculture, but so much has happened in

Mad Uncle Cliff Wins at Steampunk

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Cliff writes: Just thought you might like to see progress on the communicator, got the monitor done and it is almost ready to mount.   Then onto the keyboard…   Of course you know that I hold you responsible for this mad fetish of mine, all because a mate

Small form factor keyboard and monitor

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Here’s a nice little keyboard and monitor set from Daniel Pon.  I particularly like the small form factor, I have a Happy Hacker KB kicking around the shop that I might do something like thing too.

NIMBY must raise another $14,700 by December 15th

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From : The outpouring of support for NIMBY in the past week has been inspiring.  Excitement is building in the final countdown to taking possession of the new space.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed thus far.  NIMBY is well on its way to making through a

Dead Simple Charging Station

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Here's a dead simple cell phone charging station I installed next to our main entrance.  It's just a pair of hangers of the sort you'd use in the garage to store a shovel or a rake.  If your wall isn't made of barn-board like ours, you can screw the

Steampunk Sheddie

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I love to see people’s workspaces, probably because my workshop is just about my favorite place in the world to spend time.  My workshop is in my garage, which is a common situation in the States. However, in the U.K. it’s the garden shed that often houses the secret laboratories