SteamCon Seattle Twitterstream

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Jake von Slatt



@VonClaret Thanks! it was mostly @LibbyBulloff ‘s doing – both in concept and execution, I was just the pretty dirty face!2 hours ago 

@yoyojedi The pleasure was all mine! (as well as the spidery red marks all up and down my arm) Will be in touch for sure!6 hours ago 

@__p Gosh thanks! <puts head down and kicks ground with toe>6 hours ago 

@LibbyBulloff Oh! They are brilliant! <36 hours ago 

First teasers up from shoot with @LibbyBulloff on Monday! So excited! hours ago 

On the ground at Logan. Hello Boston, you’re looking a lot like Seattle right now; overcast, cool, and wet.14 hours ago 

The bitter sweet journey home begins. Thanks Seattle for the awesome and the shiny.21 hours ago 

Lame hotel wifi limits downloads to 4mb so no SGU or Madmen for my flight back. Nutz.yesterday 

@Jon_Wake I had a really wonderful time and it was great to finally meet you after seeing your face so many time in friends pics!yesterday 

All packed up. A last breakfast with friends and then it’s back to Boston for me.yesterday 

@Byron_sterling ceramic trim bits, insulators, and a phenolic base marked "Property of the US Government." Contemplating a liitle atompunk.yesterday 

Wonderful dinner at @cristobat and @bee_lucid ‘s put the crowning touch on my stay in Seattle. A hot tub and then bed, then back to Boston.yesterday 

13 dollar bag of awesome from! 

I’m at SteamCon in Seattle for the weekend, follow the fun here or follow me on Twittter!I’m at SteamCon in Seattle for the weekend, follow the fun here or follow me on Twittter!