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The Alchemy of Stone – Ekaterina Sedia

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This book arrived in the post just as I was leaving for vacation so I was actually able to read it over a period of just 3 days – a rare thing for me!  Ms. Sedia draws a detailed picture of an ancient city ruled by a tripartite balance

Finds: Heathkit Shortwave, RadioPhone, and Timex Sinclair 1500

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More from the same house I found the radios a couple of weeks ago!  Here we have a classic Heathkit Shortwave Receiver, A Heathkit SWR meter (used for measuring antenna efficiency on transmitters) an RCA RadioPhone transmitter and a Timex Sinclair 1500.  My first computer was a TS-1000, the

STMPNK License Plates

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So I got vanity plates for my kit car that read STMPNK but when I did a search on that term I just got unkind and disemvowled Boingboing comments so I acquired the domain stmpnk.com and I've been dropping crumbs around the net like this to boost its position

Jake’s Busy Weekend, Make:TV and HUMANWINE

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Continuing the tale of my long and busy weekend . . . So a crew from PBS’s new show Make:TV spent the weekend with me in the shop filming me at work.  I re-created a couple of projects and made a coach lamp for the car, start to finish. 

Steampunk at the Groton Public Library

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This past Thursday I had the honour of addressing an audience at the Groton Public Library.  I’m afraid I rambled on for a bit at first, but once we got to the question and answer section the questions just kept coming! I also unveiled a new piece, a piece

Finds: Brass Lanterns

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Found this pair of brass lanterns on my way to work yesterday – I used the old "shoelace tie" trick to carry them with me on my bike. It absolutely kills me how many of these I have in my collection – close to 20 now, I think.  Invariably

OH MY! The Music of Michael Scott Parker

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I get a great deal of email these days, I try to answer it all but I’m afraid the day I will not be able to fast approaches. I am grateful for the pics of cool stuff and links to net Steampunkia, and I really do enjoy answering thoughtful

Trash Finds – Vintage Admiral and Akkord Radios

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On my way to work yesterday morning I spotted these in a box at the roadside waiting for collection.  There were a half dozen similar radios but since I was on the bike I could only carry a couple so I grabbed the best of the bunch. On the

Truly Awesome Steampunk Mouse

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Whoa.  A reader sent in this Modding.ru Babelfish link to the most awesome Steampunk mouse I’ve ever seen. I suspect that there are many more skilled DIYers in Russia and the former Soviet territories then just about anywhere else on the planet so we should be seeing more and

Steampunk Car Update – Catalytic Converter on an Aircooled VW Motor

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Lots of progress!  She's on the road, registered, inspected, and passed, including emissions which is pretty cool considering that she's basically a 1972 VW Beetle that was re-titled in Ohio as a 1985 "assembled vehicle."  A close read of the Massachusetts auto emissions law would seem to indicate that