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JvS on Make:Talk – Podcast now available

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Hi Everyone! I had the distinct pleasure of joining Mark Frauenfelder and Gareth Branwyn of Make: Magazine for the first ever Make:Talk live on Friday at 12 noon PST! We talked about Make: #17 – The Lost Knowledge Issue: MAKE Volume 17 goes really old school with the Lost

Dump Finds 1/10/09

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This weekend’s dump finds include yet another brass porch lamp, green felt for the bottom of my lamps, a small kerosene lamp (never lit!) and a pair of nautical models, both in sealed boxes, they are ALL WOOD models!  

Workshop Telephone

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I started this project quite some time ago, in fact some of you may have seen it at Maker Faire back in May.  Originally, this was intended to be an example of ‘how to steampunkify an object.’  The idea being that by removing the casing and exposing the interesting

Lyra’s Lamp

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We have a new puppy in the house, and while this is a wonderful thing in general, it means I sometimes have to get up in the middle of the night to let him out.  The problem is I don't have a bedside lamp so I end up stumbling

A Bit of a Pygmalion Moment

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Yes, that is the Steampunk Strat in the hands of Nathaniel Johnstone of Abney Park on stage at SteampoweredCon 2008. Sigh. I made her but I could not give her what she needed as I have not the musical talent.  I’m glad she found a good home and I

Hallowe’en 2008

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This year’s theme was The Wizard of Oz.  I hacked up a rear projection TV that I got off of Craigslist to be the Great and Powerful Oz.  The original intent was to use the then working TV to present the image from a camera.  Unfortunately, the moment I

Seattle Antique Market

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Back from a morning of shopping in Seattle.  Got Hungarian Paprika, Madras Curry, Bacon Band-aids and a pair of vintage drafting sets at the Seattle Antique Market.  This town is really growing on me!

Vote for Love – Updated

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One of the crappy things about contextual advertizing on the web is that you can’t always stay on top of what’s presented on your site.  Know that we here at the Steampunk Workshop will always Vote for Love and we sincerly hope the good people of California will do

Exciting Steam Powered News on Saturday!

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Only a few more days until the Steam Powered – The California Steampunk Convention!!  It’s been a big week for me already and it’s only Monday!  Yesterday I got the propane torches and sound system working on our primary prop for All Hallows E’en.  We’re doing "The Wizard of

The Apocalypse Will Be Slow and Boring

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In 1978 James Burke produced and narrated a series on the history of science called Connections. It’s a wonderful series and I highly recommend you get a hold of all three seasons. But right now, watch this video about technology traps.  You’ll get the idea after the first ten