Thoughts on Building a Steam Car

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essential steam power library

December 1, 2006

I want to build a steam car or perhaps a steam motorcycle.  Why?  you ask.  Oh, just for fun, I reply.

The first step in a big project is research.  I ordered the Essential Steam Power Library from  International Correspondence Schools, circa 1906.  Lindsay Books ( ) has made these available in a nice set, re-printed and bound.  The quality of the re-prints is amazing, the text is marvelously clear and the drawings are razor sharp.

Once I read through a few of these volumes I think I’ll start by building a boiler as I will be able to use it as a steam cleaner while I work on the rest of the project and it will allow me to test other components as I go.

Also it’s winter, and winter is a good time to play with fire.