Flight of the Calliope

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Some more serialized Steampunk fiction for you over at Flight of the Calliope!

A low moan rose up out of the depth of the Pandora’s hull, drowning out the cheers of her crew as they watched the enemy airship fall from the sky.  Bewildered, they turned in circles, looking everywhere for the source of the groan.  A shout came down from the crow’s nest: the ballast had taken a serious hit and was leaking; the ship was going to fall . . . 

[PS: the image above is of a clock escapement at the maritime center in Bermuda which I took on holiday a few years ago – it has nothing to do with Flight of the Calliope! but, you know, every post’s gotta have a picture!]

[PPS: here’s the deal on sending me fiction: if you have posted something online that you think is cool drop me a line and I may post about it if I think our readers would be interested.  However, please don’t send me things you’ve written asking for my opinion.  My reading queue is already too long and Gibson, Gaiman, and Gabaldon will always be ahead of you.  -Jake]