And for this post I digress: That which writ the Guide

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I know, I know- we’re a specialty blog. Steampunk. Gears. Brass. Tophats. Things of that nature.

However.. I think that I am allowed one post that has nothing to do with Steampunk per se.

I give you: The typewriter.

The typewriter that belonged to Douglas Adams.

The typewriter that wrote The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

The Guide is without a doubt the single most influentual book in my life. My dad gave me my first copy when I was ten, and every year or so (or whenever I’m begining to feel a little too Arthur and not enough Ford) I re-read them all the way through. Seriously, can I stress how much I want this? No, I cannot. Not even close. I suppose I could tell you about the tattoo of Don’t Panic, and it’s matching twin of 42. But this… I tingle all over with the thought of it; and ache with the pain of a jealous lover with the thought of it in another’s hands.

I love that the X is the most worn on the keyboard.

All could be mine for the low, low price of $25577.95 (plus shipping). They even throw in a first edition of the Guide. Aw.