Putting Old Lenses on a Canon DSLR

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While digging through my old camera equipment I came across my Grandfather’s 35mm Exa . While I have absolutely no desire to revisit the days of film, I was kind of interested in what sort of image the old German made lens would produce on my modern Canon DSLR

A Lens of Yesteryear

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By Isa Farnik If I had a nickel for every time the digital vs. analog photography debate has landed in my lap, I’d be rich. At those argumentative junctures, I reassure myself that it’s not the medium, but the subject which is important. It also underscores the importance/rewards in

Awesome, strange, weird mash-up micro-fad at Thingaverse

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Over at the Thingaverse, the free 3D model download community centered around the Makerbot, strange things are afoot. Or a leg, with a whistle sticking out of it on top of a gun.  It seems a mash-up fad has broken out, with people taking 2 or more models and

Greetings and Salutations

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Good day, gentlepeople. I am Annie, and I am thrilled to be here among the contributors at Steampunk Workshop. This is especially exciting for me because though my day job also involves writing (and a lot of editing), it's generally pretty topical (and that topic is videogames). While I

Michele Lynch Art mixed media

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Dark steampunk goth art just in time for valintines day.  Michele Lynch is a mixed media artist with a touch of steampunk.  Her creations have wonderful anime eyes that play well on the reused bodies of savleged machinery.   Another one of my favorites, the Surgeon piece is just

A Scarf a Day!

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Hey y'all! SPWS' own Meredith Scheff is doing a "Scarf-a-Day" project that you should definitely check-out! Starting january 1, 2011, I will make one scarf a day each day in the month. I'll be using everything from traditional techniques and materials to the experimental, the new, the weird, the

Magnolia Pearl

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I love small spaces, tiny houses, and non-traditional campers, so the Magnolia Pearl, an Airstream trailer, pushes all of my buttons!  Add to the lush sensuous interior the fact that the tow vehicle is a classic Rolls Royce on what appears to be a 4 wheel drive truck chassis and I am

Things used to be prettier: The Slant-O-Matic 500

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Just look at it. I'm spending my holiday getting ready for my Scarf-a-Day project, which means lots of looking at lots of fabric and sewing machines. I've thus far just been using a 1940's singer, but I think it's time for a change, and I want a machine that

Steampunk Etch-a-Sketch

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Reddit user HaloKitty made this as a Christmas present for a friend. Well done!

Sub-culture friendly Gender Playful Marketplace

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UPDATED: Donate now at http://genderplayful.tumblr.com/ to get this off the ground! One of the really wonderful things about Steampunk is that it, more than any other sub-culture, seems to want to teach us things. I have always been very interested in the technology of the 19th Century, it's been a passion