Steampunk Around the World – Holland

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This is really amazing and delightful! I had not idea such things were happening around the world! – Jake Davy writes: Last Sunday we had a floralparade in Valkenswaard, Holland with a group of 25 steamers.  Paul Woldhek ( had arranged this all.    Our group of builders made tree

Victorian Marquetry LCD Monitor

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  Jonathan Writes: . . .I'm a computer engineer and cut marquetry part time so i decided to combine the two and fashion a monitor of my own. It's seemingly a lot more difficult to get good quality brassware here in England than it is in the states so i

Hey guys I made a TreeHat

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  And when I get home I put it on my hat tree.

Steampunk Watch by Haruo Suekichi

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Crunch Gear has a good interview up with the creator of this wonderful watch, Haruo Suekichi: Your watches have an antique, yet very futuristic form and design. Where do they come from? What inspires you? – When I make watches, it doesn’t usually start with design but with “fun”:

Steampunk Automata

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OMG! I am kind of speechless here, this is really, really cool. Be sure to click through to the creator's blog, there are a lot of other really amazing things to see there! – Jake

Steampunk Optimus Prime

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This just warmed my inner 12 year-old, great job Encline Design in making a steampunk version of Optimus Prime one of my childhood heros.   The images from this post are copyrighted by © Encline Design. I am reproducing these low resolution version under Fair Use to see the

ThriftCamp Making on a Budget

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On September 19th Seattle's Jigsaw Renaissance is hosting a maker unconfernce with a focus on making within a budget. ThriftCamp is a one-day unconference discussing how to live well on a limited means. Living in a consumption culture that is destroying our limited resources and in tough economic times,

James Ng Eastern Steampunk Art

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A friend just introduced me to the Artwork of James Ng and I have to share the spellbinding intersection of Asian Art and Steampunk: I have a warm spot in my heart for Dragon Airships: Another I like is Gates of Hell: Reminiscent of Rodin: Photo by: By albany_tim

Steampunk Philosophy

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Is steampunk about Victorian fashion and uber cool mechanical gadgets or is it also about something more?  This is a question I have been struggling with for sometime, I am a goth from the late 80’s and I associate that subculture with an aesthetic sense of beauty that embraces

Open Source Jewelry – Improbablecog

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Noah has posted an update at Kickstarter with upgraded rewards for contributors! Good friend and fellow tribesman Noah Beasley is joining the Open Source commerce fray, offering up some of his most popular designs. [My] Items are created in a computer with modeling software, and then converted from bits