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New Keyboards from Datamancer!

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Datamancer has two new keyboards for you to see an his site: The Reliquary and the gleaming new Marquis picture here. My understanding is that The Reliquary was made for a client but if you like the Marquis you can bid on it right now on eBay Click through for a

More Steampunkery from ModVic!

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Bruce writes: Steampunk Robot Ophthalmometer Computer Workstation Description Just what the Steampunk Doctor ordered! A sculptural 'Steampunked' original Ophthalmometer, Dental Mannequin Head and Hammond Multiplex Typewriter – totally restored, transformed and fused into a modern computer workstation! Materials and Modifications Our restoration includes all original devices:  1) F.A. Hardey

Datamancer Sojourner on eBay

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A rare opportunity to purchase a complete Datamancer Sojourner keyboard on eBay!

Datamancer Steampunk Keyboard Kits For Sale!

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Rich "Datamancer" Nagy writes: Hello everyone, I thought I'd let you all know that I have added a page to the site for the keyboard frames that contains pics and more info. I have also decided to offer the frames in raw, unfinished metal for those of you

Steampunk’d Wacom Tablet

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 Dan writes: This whole thing started when I dropped my graphire3 wacom tablet.  Everything worked just fine, but the case cracked and would not stay together.  After some soul searching I decided that since I couldn’t use the thing in its current condition I might as well try and

Steampunk Keyboard Mod

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My goal with this project was to build a retro keyboard that was fully functional and of a sufficient quality that it could be used everyday by a touch typist.  In order to achieve this I chose a high quality (though widely available) keyboard as my starting point.  This

The Antediluvian Keyboard

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Oh this one is extra awesome! It's got horns as well as brass feet! The Antediluvian Keyboard is a representation of an interest in civilization and technology from a time that has been forgotten, twisted, or even denied. A time in which only biblical stories, crypto-histories, and ancient artifacts

The fragment of Empire – by Filimon

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Bohema writes: I’ve been followin’ your site for quite long time. Always enjoyed it. Keyboard mods are awesome. Speaking about mods. Don’t know if your know about Filimon. That’s a Russian modder producing steampunk various mods. They are insanely jaw dropping mods that leave me every time speachless .

Wooden Steampunk Keyboard Mod

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Markus, who wrote in earlier with an alternative to typewriter keys, has finished his keyboard mod.  He writes: . . . I decided to use a wooden frame – but not any wood molding from the DIY shop would do. I found old furniture ‘spare parts’ – this wood

Steampunk Monitor Stand

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Some of the very best letters I get come from people who have built things to give as gifts, a case in point: Dear jake, I really have enjoyed your site, especially the bus conversion.  I really like how you talk about using found objects and have so many