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Awesome, strange, weird mash-up micro-fad at Thingaverse

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Over at the Thingaverse, the free 3D model download community centered around the Makerbot, strange things are afoot. Or a leg, with a whistle sticking out of it on top of a gun.  It seems a mash-up fad has broken out, with people taking 2 or more models and

Sai does an EL fabric demo

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One of the reasons I love Noisebridge is that peeps are always bringing in the New And Shiny for us to play with. This week, it was Sai Emrys, who got a sample of EL Fabric. We spent a couple hours checking it out, trying to find that perfect

Single Digit Nixie Clock

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Beautiful single-nixie clock made by Flickr user Blue_Metal. I really love the elegant way the circuitry is laid out. (via Hackaday)

Meet Marv, The Robotic Vibraphone

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I've been sitting on this one for awhile and I can't tell you how excited I am to tell you about it. Quite possibly the coolest way to way to make weird noises, Marv is a MIDI Actuated Robotic Vibraphone created by Tim O'Keefe, Michael McIntyre, and Brock Roland

Bruce’s Wimshurst Machine

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Bruce writes: Hi Jake, Attached are a couple current images of my 20 sector Wimshurst machine based on your construction article, with changes made as needed to suit locally available materials and to resolve some issues that showed up after the initial construction.  Click through to the full set

Modern Alchemy – The building of Ignatius The Firepig.

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You may recall Patrick Johnson’s marvelous short film Granite Copper Motor from earlier this year. Recently Patrick spent some time with my friends David, Dennis, and Brady, while they designed and constructed a steam boiler dubbed ‘Ignatius the Firepig.’  I do so love Patrick’s calm and peaceful treatment which is the

Maker Faire, Newcastle, UK 14-15 March 2009 – Huzzah!

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Last May’s MakerFaire in San Mateo was the highlight of 2008 for me! I had just about the best time of my life!  Now Maker Faire is coming to the U.K.! Ian writes: MakerFaire is coming to the UK as part of the Newcastle Science Festival on 14th/15th March

Meredith is Live Blogging Maker Faire: Austin!

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Lucky lucky Meredith Scheff is at Maker Faire Austin right now and she’s twittering everything she sees! You can follow her here or add satiredun on Twitter. A final, fantastic show by arc attack concludes maker faire: Austin 2008. about an hour ago I Cant tell you how happy

Jake’s Busy Weekend, Make:TV and HUMANWINE

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Continuing the tale of my long and busy weekend . . . So a crew from PBS’s new show Make:TV spent the weekend with me in the shop filming me at work.  I re-created a couple of projects and made a coach lamp for the car, start to finish. 

Paul Cesewski’s Railcar on a Death-Defying Ride of Doom

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Thirty Second Shingle Ride from Dr. Terwilliker on Vimeo. My buddy Paul Cesewski (and former shop-mate/shipyardian) built this rail-car that tickles all my maker-buttons: made from recycled parts, can go fast, utilizes an obscure form of locomotion, has a good possibility of injury,  and serves no readily logical purpose