Meet the Petrojvic Blasting Co.

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In a whirlwind of music and airfaire I found myself in Seattle very suddenly this last week; riding tandem bikes through the rain and busking. Somewhere in there – a few places in there- I encountered the Petrojvic Blasting Co.; an L.A. based jazzy/balkan/gypsy group. Accordians, horns, lyrics of shark

Flaming Lotus Girls fundraiser ‘In the Red’

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This last summer I spend a good amount of time working with The Flaming Lotus girls, an industrial/large art group in San Francisco.  This year they (we, I suppose) made a sculpture called Timpani Lambada, the largest  they've ever built. The piece was amazing, and really a testament to

Steampunk on WCVB-TV Boston’s Channel 5 Chronicle

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Here are a set of links to the steampunk episode of WCVB Channel 5's Chronicle Magazine: WCVB's Chronicle – Steampunk – Segment 1 (I updated the link above but the other segments no longer seem to be online. 🙁   ) WCVB's Chronicle – Steampunk – Segment 2 WCVB's

Brass Scarab Brooch

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In the comments about my CNC mill project over at Hack-A-Day, Jarkman posted a link to this really beautiful CNC'd brass scarab brooch and I can't help thinking that this would make a lovely computer mouse too!

Quick Prescription Goggles

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I'm interested in applying the Steampunk aesthetic to daily fashion, but I am not so interested in Steampunk costuming so I really only wear goggles when I am cutting steel or brazing with my oxyacetylene torch. But since I wear glasses, when  I do use goggles to protect my eyes I

Breathtaking Dalek Dress

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Reddit user somevelvetmorning created this absolutly stunning Dalek dress. I think I'll have to make one myself; and she and I can walk around accosting anyone in either a bowtie, trenchcoat, or long scarf. EXTERMINATE! Link to the thread. 

It’s Steampunk Week at!

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I'm excited and pleased to see that friend-of-SPWS, Ay-leen the Peacemaker, has taken the helm for this year's Steampunk Week at Tor Books blog!  With steampunk “hitting the mainstream,” the big question nowadays has changed from “What is steampunk?”* to “Where is it going?” To help address this question,

Mystic Radio – Hendrick’s Gin Curate a Box Give Away

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Nearly a year ago the nice folks at Hendrick's Gin contacted me to see if I'd like to do a box for their "Curate a Box" contest give away. Well, I had never tasted their product so I demurred until I had a chance to sample it at last

Heart of Iron – Ekaterina Sedia

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I got to meet and sit on a panel with the lovely Ekaterina Sedia this past May and was lucky to receive an advanced copy of Heart of Iron. Alas my daughter grabbed it the moment I came home from The Steampunk World's Faire so I've yet to read it

Hey Portland! Savor Cakes Kickstarter

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People send me their kickstarter projects all of the time and sometimes I'm in and sometimes I'm not. I only promote the ones that I actually contribute to. I can't wait to taste a Savor Cake!