Seriously Gorgeous Steampunk Guitar

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Phil writes: Hi Jake Just finished a sort of "future steampunk" guitar build here: Lotsa pics on the last pages, thought you might like 🙂 Cheers Phil Oh yes! I like it A LOT!  You should really follow Phil's link for the EPIC construction detail!  – Jake.  

Meet the Makers video of yours truly

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I was contacted a few weeks ago by Make Magazine's Brookelynn Morris to be part of a series of Meet the Makers videos they were doing. They've already covered some incredible cratspeople- instrument maker Sun Kim and motorcycle builder Satya Kraus have already been featured. I am completely honored to be

The Steampunk Bible

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The Steampunk Bible is out! I helped connect Jeff and S.J. with people doing cool things in the movement and I wrote what I hope is the definitive candy tin etching how-to for this book. Our fashion editor Libby Bulloff also contirbuted articles and LOTS of shiny photography, including

Fantastically detailed Iron Man figurine

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  Jonathan Kuriscak of Packratstudios modded/created this amazingly detailed Iron Man figurine. He also made a matching little victorianized, moustachio'd Tony Stark to pilot it.  The mod includes a flickering-fire like effect in the suit's 'furnace'. This is the kind of amazing, dedicated fine craftsmanship I love to see. I can

Steampunk Postcoloniality

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My friend Jha Goh of Silver Goggles has a great guest posting over at STEAMED! Steampunk, from the outside, looks like it’s all about Empire, you know? Charles Stross, famous very important science fiction literary figure, had a rant about it, which I think really points to two things: the

Tardis pattern fabric

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Knowing the overlap between SPWS fans and Doctor Who fans is, to put it midly, healthy- I knew you'd enjoy this Tardis pattern I submitted to Spoonflower. Spoonflower is a print on demand site for fabric- upload your designs and order them with a choice of several fabrics. If

The Bodice Rippers: EP volume II

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  Previously blogged band the Bodice Rippers have a new EP out, and it is wonderful. Vocalist Megan Fenske  throws herself full-on into her vocals- singing their sinister, strange, poetic lyrics with rich and gritty passion.  I last compared them with Decemberists/Tom Waits, and while that still holds true, they've matured and added jazzy/swing sound

Jigsaw and the Great Global Hackerspace Challenge

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Gentlemen, ladies, and partially-sentient automata—start your irons!   Guest post by Jigsaw member James Gray   Right now, teams from thirty hackerspaces, makerspaces, and diffuse conglomerates of autodidactically-inclined individuals around the world are putting their heads together in preparation for what promises to be a creative contest of quasi-mythological, yea, of

Steampunk on BBC America

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STEAMPUNKS 2011 from Andy Gallacher on Vimeo. A lovely little piece from the folks at BBC America featuring some of my favorite New York Steampunks that aired this past Tuesday in the U.S.!

Jigsaw and Science

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This St Patrick's Day, Jigsaw held a fundraiser for the space called St Maker‘s Day. We planned on maklng potato clocks. Because, you know, lt‘s an Irlsh holiday, and we all know the Irish looove thelr potatoes (I'm Irlsh, so I guess that means I can say these things). It was my