Splendid!! Professor Elemental

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I was sorely dissapointed that I was not able to spend  time with the lovely Professor Elemental at the Steampunk World's Fair this year. I only got the briefest of "Hellos!" in as we passed in the hallway heading to our events. It's nice to see that the Professor

The Shack is Back! – Our own Meredith Scheff for Radio Shack

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I am so happy that Radio Shack has made the decision to return to it's roots and I'm even happier that they've tapped our own Meredith Scheff to help them tell the world about it!

The Oomphalapompatronium!

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My friend and fellow citizen of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Len Solomon demostrates his Oomphalapompatronium! 

StarBoards now live in the SparkFun shop!

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Remember more than a year ago when I posted this? Well, since then I've partnered up with SparkFun (purveyers of enchanting electronics) and now they're finally available for sale! I still have my solderably conductive thread and will have special kits made up with StarBoards soon.   

Solderable conductive thread

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I've been experimenting with materials for Etextiles for a long time, and one of the biggest issues is conductive thread. It's one of the most important parts of an Etextile project- but it's inevitable hard to work with, for several reasons. The thread by it's very nature is hard

Handsome Nixie Tube Necklace

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I spotted maker Tubetime wearing this beautiful DIY nixie tube necklace at Maker Faire. He made an interesting mechanism that enabled him to step up the voltage from a 3v coin cell battery to the 150v that the nixie needs to run(!). It's one of the most beautiful nixie

Fanboy Confessional on SPACE TV covers Steampunk

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Last year a film crew from Canada rode down to The Steampunk World's Fair with me in the bus. They spent the weekend documenting the event and the result is set to air in Canada on July 13 on SPACE channel.  It looks like a great show!

Old circuit board

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  I took this photo of an old hand-drawn circuit board today. I'm rather proud of how it came out. 

Game Save!

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I know this is a bit out of the norm for this site, but as it IS building something outside standard systems, I suppose that's a sort of Steampunk, right? Just instead of atoms, we're using bits. – Willow GameSave is a 5-week competition in which teams build a

Seriously Gorgeous Steampunk Guitar

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Phil writes: Hi Jake Just finished a sort of "future steampunk" guitar build here: http://www.tdpri.com/forum/2011-tdpri-tele-build-challenge/263780-kwerks-2011-tdpri-build-challenge-thread.html Lotsa pics on the last pages, thought you might like 🙂 Cheers Phil Oh yes! I like it A LOT!  You should really follow Phil's link for the EPIC construction detail!  – Jake.