Magnolia Pearl

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I love small spaces, tiny houses, and non-traditional campers, so the Magnolia Pearl, an Airstream trailer, pushes all of my buttons!  Add to the lush sensuous interior the fact that the tow vehicle is a classic Rolls Royce on what appears to be a 4 wheel drive truck chassis and I am lost. Lost!

I'm starting to do some work on my bus again and these have photos inspired me to do something special for the master bedroom, there are some hints as to my plans after the cut!

This is what the master bedroom currently looks like, this is the front wall.

This is looking towards the back. I want to close off the back window and add storage and insulation.

But I want that wall to be interesting and to frame the sleeping area in an attractive way.

A few months ago a friend pulled this out of the trash for me, the plan is to decontruct the parts to form the "headboard" for the sleeping area.

While a lot of the organ is no longer functional, the reeds seem to be in fairly good shape and the reed unit pretty compact. So, the plan is to mount it under the bed and build a MIDI controller for it.