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Toyota Yaris Battery Light On – Repair

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The day after I returned from SteamCon in Seattle I got into the car to go to the day job and discovered that my battery light was on in my 2007 Toyota Yaris.  Being an old Volkswagen man I resisted the urge to get out and hammer on the

Toyota Sienna Body Repair

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If you follow me on Twitter you know that I had a near death encounter with a flying chunk of steel last week . This is how I spent my Saturday. . . . I was in the far left lane on Rt. 128 and a big rig in

Epson Stylus Photo 820 Repair

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The ink cartridge retaining clip on my Epson Stylus Photo 820 broke when I went to change the ink cartridge.  I repaired it with a bit of copper wire and a brass wood screw with the head cut off.  

Putting an Angle Lamp Back in Oil

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One of the tragic realities of Angle Lamps is that many have been electrified in a crude and destructive manner. Below is such a lamp. I bought this lamp on eBay thinking that it was solid brass. I intended to move the burners from a tin plate Angle Lamp

Angle Lamp Repair

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The Angle Company of New York manufactured these unique lamps from the early 1890's until 1929. In my opinion the Angle Lamp is the pinnacle of kerosene wick lamp design. This is a two burner version. They also commonly came in 3, 4 and (much rarer) 6 and 8