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Scott’s Wimshurst Machine!

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UPDATE: Plans for my Wimshurst Machine are now available here! Last year I wrote an article that appeared in the last Make: Magazine which outlined detailed steps for building a Wimshurst Influence machine. It’s a fairly involved project and I am gratified to see that people are actually building it!

JvS on Make:Talk – Podcast now available

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Hi Everyone! I had the distinct pleasure of joining Mark Frauenfelder and Gareth Branwyn of Make: Magazine for the first ever Make:Talk live on Friday at 12 noon PST! We talked about Make: #17 – The Lost Knowledge Issue: MAKE Volume 17 goes really old school with the Lost

Make: Magazine – Build a Wimshurst Influence Machine

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Look what I found in my mailbox today! Sometime during Maker Faire last year Gareth Branwyn mentioned to me that he would be editing a "Lost Knowledge" issue of Make: Magazine and that I should consider writing an article. Of course, I immediately replied: "Dude! count me in!" UPDATE: Plans

Steampunk on Make:TV!

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Maker Profile – Steampunk on MAKE: television from make magazine on Vimeo. My profile is finally up at! I had a wonderful (though slightly grueling) time taping this segment with Emily Goldberg and her crew back in August. We were extremely lucky that a whole bunch of things

SPWS on Make:TV – only three more days!

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Just three more days until Episode 103 featuring the Steampunk Workshop! Make:TV first contacted me nearly two years ago to talk about doing a segment in and around my bus project.  I was enthusiastic, but after a couple of months of emailing back and forth, the producers I had

Maker Faire, Newcastle, UK 14-15 March 2009 – Huzzah!

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Last May’s MakerFaire in San Mateo was the highlight of 2008 for me! I had just about the best time of my life!  Now Maker Faire is coming to the U.K.! Ian writes: MakerFaire is coming to the UK as part of the Newcastle Science Festival on 14th/15th March