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Retro bike stuff – Orange Velo

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From Steubens Wheelmen! Here’s a shot of The Brass Lion with a Down Low Glow "Fossil Amber" light from Rock The Bike ! And since we are talking bike accessory you should pop over to Velo ORANGE for some truly wonderful retro-bike accessories like this pair of paniers!  

Velokraft No Com – WANT!

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WISIL HPVers is one of the best sites on the net for information about recumbent bicycles.  I’ve recently managed to get sir CodPeace of The BostoDelphia Blog interested in them and he sent this link to a review of a bike that I must have. This bike was conceptualized

The Brass Lion – Steampunk Recumbent

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You'll recall I posted a picture of my recumbent bike last week and that one of things I wondered aloud was how one would go about steampunkifying a bike?  Well Eric and Alan – a.k.a. Steuben's Wheelmen – sent me a whole passel of new photos that show exactly

My Ride

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Meredith’s post on the Handcar Regatta reminded me that some of you might be interested in my daily ride.  This is a TourEasy recumbent bike from Easyracers and it’s how I got to work this morning. You see, I was an avid cyclists right up until the age of