Velokraft No Com – WANT!

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Velokraft No Com Lowrider

WISIL HPVers is one of the best sites on the net for information about recumbent bicycles.  I’ve recently managed to get sir CodPeace of The BostoDelphia Blog interested in them and he sent this link to a review of a bike that I must have.

This bike was conceptualized in 2003 by a host of individuals as a breakaway from the current crop of recumbent bikes which were all compromised in some way or another to provide added comfort or perceived safety. This is truly a racing recumbent, using the latest in splitter plate design philosophy, and constructed from carbon fiber and Kevlar using a bladder in female mold process. This bike does not suffer the same issue with flex that the M5 carbon lowracer has, it’s incredibly stiff. The NoCom weighs about 24lbs as shown, which is incredibly light considering the use of heavier components like a disk wheel and disk brakes.